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Essential Tools

First, download and print all six of these Essential Tools.

My Launch Plan Checklist & Workbook

Everyone-You-Know List & Memory Jogger

4 Critical Income Producing Actions

Become a
Rising Star

Complete a 2x2
Super Cycle

Achieve a
Triple Play

Launch Training Videos


Get setup correctly.


Learn what you need to do
to build your team quickly.


Time to launch your business
and grow your team FAST!

Launch Your Business

Get Into ACTION Fast!

Book 2 Launch Parties with
your Upline Leader. Invite at
least 12 people.

Put your “Top 25” through the 4 IPAs in your first 3 days.

Fill your funnel.
Put "Everyone You Know" through 4 IPAs.

Do This NOW!

The first document you downloaded My Launch Plan Checklist & Workbook make sure you complete it NOW. This is CRITICAL to help ensure you have immediate success!

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